Hamburger Lack-Profi 2K bathtub paint

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Wie groß ist die zu bestreichende Fläche?
Messen Sie als erstes die gewünschte Fläche aus. Um die Quadratmeter eines Raumes zu berechnen, messen Sie die Länge und anschließend die Breite. Ist der Raum 4,5 Meter breit und 10 Meter lang, müssen Sie die beiden Zahlen nur noch miteinander multiplizieren. Es ergeben sich 4,5 x 10 = 45 Quadratmeter.
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High-quality bathtub paint

MOIN, MOIN! From plastic and plastic to enamel and acrylic to GRP and ceramics: With the Hamburg bathtub paint you can bring a completely new shine to your bathroom - inexpensively, without great effort and with long-term protection.

HIGH QUALITY: The unique quality - Made in Germany - ensures excellent abrasion resistance and delivers a rock-hard result - also ideal for shower trays, washbasins and toilets.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: The Hamburg professional paint is particularly characterized by its extreme resilience. Already after a first thin application you get a perfect result - that saves time and money. And the consumption? It is only about 7 - 9 m² / litre.

USER-FRIENDLY: Whether with a roller, brush or spray gun - the high-coverage and environmentally friendly 2-component bathtub paint is dust-dry after around 60 minutes and can be painted over after around 4 hours. With this product you get two varnishes that you only have to mix in a ratio of 5:1. Our tip: Mix only as much paint as you can use in 100 minutes.

PERSONAL: We are here for you and your perfect coat of paint! We would be happy to send you detailed application instructions on request. For example, if you want to dilute the paint, we recommend our paint lion special dilution 2K/400. As a paint set, we recommend the Löwen paint set X300, which was specially developed for our paints.

Step-by-step instructions for use


  1. The processing and especially the drying of the boat paint should not take place below 10°C. This information relates to the paint material, substrate and room temperature during processing and the subsequent drying and curing time.
  2. Dust sources should be removed.
  3. The surface must be sanded before use and be clean, dry and free of grease, silicone and wax. You should definitely remove loose old paintwork or rust beforehand. Important: Do not use soapy cleaners or scouring milk. For cleaning the surface and equipment, we recommend our 2K/400 color lion thinner. (See below)
  4. A primer is not necessary. You can also use the colored paint as a primer.
  5. Spray, roll or brush paint. 1-2 coats are recommended.
  6. The paint is dust-dry after 60 minutes. The product can be painted over after about 4 hours.

Facts & Figures

  • Consumption: approx. 7-10qm/l
  • Drying: dry at 20°C after 24 hours, depending on the substrate
  • Final hardness: after approx. 7 days
  • Finest brand quality Made in Germany
  • Highly opaque & weatherproof


  1. Weigh and mix in a 5:1 ratio (by weight). Now take a kitchen scale, fill a can with e.g. 500 grams of paint and then add 100 grams of hardener.
  2. Now paint the bathtub. We recommend two thin coats to get the best result.
  3. After about 60 minutes, the paint is dust-dry. After 12 hours you can easily remove the masking tape.

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