The correct use: furniture paint

Here you will find out how to use our furniture paint correctly.

You need:

  • Furniture color
  • possibly. Painter's tape to mask the surface not to be coated
  • Paint roller, Brush or airless spray gun
  • If necessary, a dilution (this can then also be used to clean the device.)
  • Degreaser


  • The consumption of furniture paint is on average around 7-8 sqm/l. However, this information may vary if you use thinner or apply thicker layers.
  • The wood moisture should not be more than 15%, the air humidity for processing and drying should be a maximum of 65%. The temperature for the environment, material and paint should be at least 10°C, temperatures between 15°C and 25°C are ideal.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, dust and grease. Then sand the surfaces to be painted. Do not use cleaners or scouring agents containing soap!
  • Use painter's tape and masking paper to cover any areas that will not be painted. In particular, use painter's tape to achieve sharp lines.
  • Stir the paint well before use.


  1. Spray, roll or brush the paint. Two to three coats are recommended. The first layer can be applied with a 5-10% thinner so that the paint is better absorbed into the substrate. Then follows at least one undiluted layer.
  2. The furniture paint is dust dry after about 3 hours. The product can be easily painted over after 12 hours. Full resistance can be expected after 7 days. Make sure the treated surface is protected from moisture and dust during the curing process; Also, do not apply too thick layers of varnish.
  3. Note: Layer thicknesses that are too thick and overcoating too early can have a significant impact on drying or, in case of doubt, even prevent it completely.
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