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**Mold: An unwanted guest and how to paint over it**

You're probably familiar with this: you enter a room and notice an unsightly, gray corner on the wall. Mold has settled in. An unpleasant sight that not only affects the aesthetics of your four walls, but also poses health risks. But don't worry, there is a solution to this problem.

**The power of the right paint against mold**

Lausitzer Farbwerke has just the thing for you: high-quality paints and varnishes, which have been specially developed to effectively paint over mold. Our products are more than just simple colors. They are your armor in the fight against the unwanted roommate called mold.

**Your home deserves only the best**

Imagine entering your room and instead of gray spots you see bright white walls. No trace of mold. Only pure, clean surfaces that make you feel good. This is not a dream, but can become reality with our products.

**Easy to use and effective results**

Our paints and varnishes are designed to be easy to use . You don't need any special knowledge or tools. A brush, our paint and a little time - that's all you need to fight mold.

**Invest in your well-being**

Mold is not just a visual problem. It can also cause health problems. With our products you not only invest in the beauty of your home, but also in your well-being.

**Lausitzer Farbwerke: Your partner in the fight against mold**

We at Lausitzer Farbwerke know how important a beautiful and healthy home is. That's why we offer you high-quality paints and varnishes that will help you effectively paint over mold. And the best thing about it: Our products are not only effective, but also affordable. See for yourself and declare war on mold. Because your home deserves only the best.

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Hamburger Lack-Profi Lacke & Beschichtungen Hamburger Lack-Profi Isolierfarbe - Antischimmelfarbe
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Grünwalder Isolierfarbe - Weiße Wandfarbe - FARBENLÖWE
Offerab $45.00
Halvar Isolierfarbe - skandinavische Antischimmelfarbe - FARBENLÖWE
Offerab $45.00
Goldmeister Farben Lacke & Beschichtungen Goldmeister Farben Antischimmelfarbe - Isolierfarbe Weiß
Offerab $45.00
FARBENLÖWE Lacke & Beschichtungen FARBENLÖWE Isolierfarbe - hohe Absperrwirkung
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