The correct use: Swimming pool paint for mineral substrates

You can find out here how to use swimming pool paint correctly, what you have to pay attention to and what you need.

You need:


  • The consumption of swimming pool paint is on average around 8 m²/l. However, this information may vary if you use thinner or apply thicker layers.
  • It is recommended that processing and especially drying only be carried out at temperatures above 15°C. This recommendation relates to the paint material, the substrate and the ambient temperature during processing and the subsequent drying and curing time. The surface should be dry, free of dust and grease. It is important not to use cleaners or scouring fluids that contain soap, as these are made from fatty acids and are not suitable for dissolving grease. Existing old paint and unstable surfaces must be removed. For repeat coats, the old coatings should be thoroughly removed from algae, dirt and deposits. Mineral substrates should be dry and clean.
  • Use painter's tape to mask off the areas that should not be coated. Stir the paint well before use.
  • A primer is not necessary. You can also use swimming pool paint as a primer.


  1. If desired, dilute the swimming pool paint with approx. 5-10% thinner.
  2. Apply the paint either by spraying, rolling or brushing. It is recommended to do 1-2 coats. Make sure to carry out the coating in dry weather and avoid direct sunlight and surfaces that are too cold.
  3. The swimming pool paint is dust dry after about 2 hours. After about 4-6 hours, another coat can be applied. The final hardness of the coating is achieved after around 12 rain-free days. Only then can the basin be safely filled with water.

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