The correct application: Rust Protection Primer

This guide will tell you how to use the rust pretection primer correctly and what you have to pay attention to when using it.

You will need

- Rust Protection Paint

- possibly painters' crepe to mask the area not to be coated

- paint roller, brush or cup gun

- Colour Lion dilution (can also be used afterwards for cleaning the devices)

Preparation and application

  1. The application and especially the drying of the anti-rust paint should not take place below 10°C. This specification refers to paint material, substrate and room temperature during application and the subsequent drying and curing time.
  2. Use paint masking tape to cover the areas that are not to be coated. Stir the paint well before use.
  3. The surface must be sanded before use and must be clean, dry, free of grease, silicone and wax. Loose old coats of paint or rust should be removed and sanded down before use. Dust sources should be removed afterwards. It is recommended to thoroughly degrease the wood with the thinner and a cloth. Important: Do not use soap-based cleaners or scouring milk. These are made from fatty acids and are therefore not suitable for dissolving fat. A primer is not necessary.
  4. If desired, dilute the rust protection paint with approx. 5 - 10% thinner.
  5. Spray, roll or use a brush to apply the paint. One to two coats are recommended
  6. The paint is dust-dry after 24 hours. At that point you can apply the next layer.

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