The correct application: Wood protection paint

Many thanks to Sascha N. for the submission.

Sascha has built a home for his family. This included a garden house, which he wanted to paint himself. He used our Halvar wood protection paint.

Learn here, what you have to pay attention to during the application and which materials you need.

You will need:
- Wood protection paint
- painters' tape to mask the area not to be coated
- paint roller, brush or cup gun ( 1.6mm nozzle)
- a dilution if necessary (can also be used for cleaning the device afterwards).

Preparations and processing

  1. The application and especially the drying of wood protection paint should not take place at temperatures below 10°C. This information refers to the paint material, substrate and room temperature during processing and the subsequent drying and curing time.
  2. Dust sources should be removed. It is recommended to thoroughly degrease the wood with the thinner and a cloth.
  3. Use painters' tape to cover the surfaces that are not to be coated. Stir the paint well before use.
  4. The wood moisture should not exceed 15% and the maximum air humidity for processing and drying should not exceed 65%.
  5. If required, dilute the wood protection paint with approx. 5 - 10% thinner.
  6. Spray, roll or use a brush to apply the paint. One to two coats are recommended. Drying takes place after 3 - 4 hours. At that point you can apply the next layer.

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