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The long-term boat and yacht paint from Paint IT! Is a PU-reinforced wood varnish that is a wonderful wood sealant for the inside and outside of your boat.

In addition, the ship varnish from Paint IT cares for your boat and ensures easy processing with a brush and roller.

It is made in Germany and is freshwater and seawater resistant.

Since wood rots quickly and can be damaged without protection, the polyurethane varnish ensures that this is prevented.

Good abrasion resistance and Weather resistance is the reason why this boat paint protects the boat for a long time.

To the RAL COLOR overview

    • Consumption: approx. 8-10 sqm/l
    • Drying for wood / metal: dust dry at 20°C after approx. 2-3 hours, dry after approx. 8 hours
    • Drying for GRP / plastic / polyester: dust dry at 20°C after approx. 1 hour, dry after approx. 3-4 hours
    • Can be painted over: after approx. 4 hours
    • Long-term Long-term protection
    • Finest brand quality Made in Germany

If you need a painting set, you can >>>CLICK HERE<<< to order our Lion color painting set (X300). This was specially developed for the paints and varnishes from Farben Löwe.

Please note that with the variant "Substrate: GRP / Polyester" you will receive a high-quality 2-component paint (mixing ratio 5:1 (component A: component B)). In this case, hardener is supplied and is included in the price!

Processing boat varnish (wood & metal) | Processing boat paint (GRP & plastic) | Show warnings | Technical data sheet (wood & metal) | Technical data sheet (GRP & plastic)

Longevity of our products

In this section we show you how our paints look even after 5
years of intensive use - in comparison to other

Colors lion

other producers



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