FARBENLÖWE Halvar Buntlack - Decklack
FARBENLÖWE Halvar Buntlack - Decklack
FARBENLÖWE Halvar Buntlack - Decklack
FARBENLÖWE Lacke & Beschichtungen Halvar Buntlack - Decklack
FARBENLÖWE Halvar Buntlack - Decklack

Halvar Buntlack - top coat

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Halvar Scandinavian Colored Lacquer is a great colorant for wood and metal.

The optimal opacity makes this color easy to work with.

This pigmented, solvent-based paint is excellent suitable for a colored design of wood and metal.

The color flow is optimal and the abrasion resistance is very good.

This paint is easy to apply with a brush or roller.

  • Consumption: approx. 10-12qm/l
  • Drying: dust-dry at 20°C after approx. 24 hours, depending on the substrate
  • Final hardness: after approx. 7 days
  • High coverage resin base
  • Finest brand quality Made in Germany
  • High protection against rust (anti-corrosion)

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If you need paint kit, you can>>>CLICK HERE<<< to orderourcolors lion paint kit ( X300) to order. This was specially developed for the paints and varnishes of Farben Löwe.

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