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Messen Sie als erstes die gewünschte Fläche aus. Um die Quadratmeter eines Raumes zu berechnen, messen Sie die Länge und anschließend die Breite. Ist der Raum 4,5 Meter breit und 10 Meter lang, müssen Sie die beiden Zahlen nur noch miteinander multiplizieren. Es ergeben sich 4,5 x 10 = 45 Quadratmeter.

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High quality boat paint for wood & metal

SITS LIKE NE 1! You can only buy the traditional ship paint from Lausitzer Farbwerke from us.

HIGH QUALITY: The is characterized by its effective protection against harmful sea and fresh water.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Its robust and elastic abilities ensure long-term protection for your boat. The consumption is about 7 - 10 m² / litre.

SIMPLICITY: The wood of your boat is sealed from the outside and dries in no time.

PERSONAL: Yacht varnish from Lausitzer Farbwerke is an ideal wood protection against wind and weather. If you want to dilute the paint, you can order our paint lion thinner 700. As a paint set, we recommend the Löwen paint set X300, which was specially developed for our paints.

Color Lion Thinner 700 Color lion paint set (X300) Color lion paint set + thinner
Solvent resistant
PRICE 10.90 15.95 24.90

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