The correct use: 2K paint

You need

- 2K lacquer (includes the stem varnish incl. Hardener) - possibly painter Crepp to the non-coated
Mask surfaces
- paint roller or brush
- descaler/degreaser
- if necessary, a thinner (this can also
can then be used to clean the device)


  1. The processing and especially the drying of 2-component paint should not take place below 10°C. This information refers to the paint material, substrate and room temperature during processing and the subsequent drying and curing time of five days. Temperatures that are too low lead to drying and hardening problems, since the necessary chemical reaction cannot take place. A cooler temperature for a short time can also lead to problems.
  2. Dust sources should be removed.
  3. Use painter's tape to cover the areas around the tiles that are not to be coated (including silicone!).
  4. Clean, descale and degrease the surface thoroughly and then rinse with water.
Important: do not use soapy cleaners or scouring milk (these are made from fatty acids and are therefore not suitable for dissolving grease).


    1. The two components, i.e. paint and hardener, are mixed together in a specific ratio directly before processing. With our paints, the ratio is 5:1 (by volume/litres). This means that 5 parts of paint and 1 part of hardener are measured and mixed in a measuring cup. Only as much paint should be mixed as is necessary for the work step. Once the hardener has been added, the hardening process can no longer be reversed. Stir the mixture well for at least 1 minute.
    2. The processing time for our 2K paints is around four to five hours. In addition to the pot life (time between mixing the paint and the end of the application), there is also a processing time in which optimal processing is possible. After that, the workability and the painting result deteriorate, even if the paint is still liquid and no change can be seen. So please only mix as much paint as you need in one go.
    3. Now paint the background. We recommend two thin coats for best results.
    4. After approx. 60 minutes the paint is dust-dry. After twelve hours you can easily remove the masking tape.