Hamburger Lack-Profi metal protection paint 3in1 SILKMATT with paint set (X300) & thinner (1 L) - 30% savings offer

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Wie groß ist die zu bestreichende Fläche?
Messen Sie als erstes die gewünschte Fläche aus. Um die Quadratmeter eines Raumes zu berechnen, messen Sie die Länge und anschließend die Breite. Ist der Raum 4,5 Meter breit und 10 Meter lang, müssen Sie die beiden Zahlen nur noch miteinander multiplizieren. Es ergeben sich 4,5 x 10 = 45 Quadratmeter.
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Are you looking for a high-quality metal protective paint for metallic substrates such as iron, steel, aluminium, zinc and metal?

Then the weather-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant and non-yellowing metal protective paint from Hamburg is the one for you Lack-Profi has exactly the right metal paint for you.

Because this metal paint is a primer, rust protection and top coat in one, you save on further anti-rust products.

It is excellent for one suitable for permanent protection and can also be painted directly onto rust.

  • Consumption: approx. 7qm/l
  • Drying: dust-dry after approx. 4 hours, touch-dry after approx. 8 hours
  • Processing temperature: at least 5°C
  • final hardness: approx. 5-7 days
  • Premium long-term protection
  • Finest brand quality Made in Germany

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED: This set contains 2x paint rollers, 2x paint trays, 10x foam rollers, 1x gloves & 1L thinner

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