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The correct application of concrete paint 🏠

Painting concrete surfaces requires more tools, time, and skill than painting drywall. They breathe, transport moisture and absorb color. Here's how to do it right.
Cleaning the concrete
Cleaning concrete is an important first step as the porous surface tends to trap dirt, grease and oil.
1) Remove dirt and grease.
2) Tear down vines and moss growing on the foundation. Use a pressure washer or brush to remove any remaining roots and dirt.
3) Remove any efflorescence, a white powder that may form on wet concrete.

Strip old paint
Remove peeling or blistering paint with a wire brush or spatula. Otherwise, a high-pressure cleaner is also recommended here.

Priming the concrete
A primer is not essential, but can increase the durability of the paintwork by filling pores and leveling the surface. The Farbenlöwe 2K primer is ideal for this.

Painting the concrete
Spray, roll or brush paint. The coating must be applied in dry weather, avoiding direct sunlight and a substrate that is too cold. One to two coats are recommended; so check the long-term weather forecast before you start.
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