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COLOR LION: A new appearance and a little insight

It's done! Just in time for the turn of the year we present our new website.

We want to increase the customer experience with a modern and minimalist design. We focused on content and ease of use.

We want to convey knowledge and information to the customer as simply as possible. In this way we can save time wasters and pass on the added value to the customer.
On the start page, every private end user is shown the choice of substrate. With just a few clicks, the customer can see the products that are required.
Under "Instructions", the customer will find a simple explanation for each product category that explains the application in a condensed form. We have analyzed more than 1000 requests from customers to construct the texts in such a way that further requests are avoided.
We also publish pictures from other customers showing how the products look finished to increase trust.

As of January 1st, 2019 we are expanding our sales team in Hamburg and are focusing on growth. In the "B2B" category, we are now addressing industrial end users, whom we would like to convince of the possibility of automated shopping at FARBENLÖWE. Many companies are not aware that digitization, automation and artificial intelligence save companies a lot of time and money. We want to help!

We regularly publish our own articles from our company under the "Blog" category. In this way we would like to give (potential) customers a deeper insight into our company and create more transparency. Criticism welcome!

The topic of the environment is close to many. So also us. That is why we are constantly working on ecological and modern improvements of our products in our own laboratory. We are also proud to announce that at the end of 2018 we received government funding for the ecological improvement of our building paints (concrete paint, swimming pool paint, etc...). More on that in another blog post.

On our website, under the "Jobs" category, we also draw attention to the fact that we want to continuously expand our sales team in Hamburg. Feel free to look around. Maybe you know someone who knows someone. ;-)

Good luck!

Finn Fleischer


  • La vernice per piscina vorrei sapere se è clorocaucciu e la scheda tecnica. Grazie

    Anna elisa
  • Ein herzliches Hallo!
    Gibt es zu ihren Produkten eine Farbpalette?
    Würde gern meine Fußbodenfließen streichen und aus einer Farbpalette die Farben aussuchen.
    Liebe Grüße Beate

    Beate Apelt

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