How do I paint a room door correctly? DIY! 🚪

Wie streiche ich eine Zimmertür richtig? Do it yourself! 🚪
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Want to know how to paint a door like a pro? With a few simple tips, painting interior doors is a breeze and will give you the professional finish you're looking for! It's pretty amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

You will need:

1) Choose a paint color

What color is right for me? White room doors often give the room brightness and almost always match the color of your interior. You may also want to consider painting your doors a different color than white - dark black or gray interior doors are nice choices! However, there are no limits to your creativity; To find the right color, please use our overview of RAL colors.

2) Prepare your door

The processing and especially the drying of boat paints should not take place below 10°C. This information relates to the paint material, substrate and room temperature during processing and the subsequent drying and curing time.

The success of any painting starts with good preparation. You can either paint your doors in situ or dismantle them and paint on two trestles at another work station. It's a good idea to remove door handles and hinges - it's easier than painting around them. If you don't want to have them unscrewed, tape the handles and hinges with painter's tape. The door lock should also be removed so that it does not stick. The lock is fixed with two screws on the rebate side of the door. Simply unscrew them with a screwdriver and remove the lock.

If you're repainting an older door, you'll first need to fill in any ridges or bumps with wood spatula, sand those areas smooth, and then lightly sand the entire door with fine-grit sandpaper. Use a cloth to thoroughly remove the sanding dust. The surface must also be clean, dry and free of grease, silicone and wax before use. Important: Do not use soapy cleaners or scouring milk, as these are made from fatty acids and are therefore not suitable for dissolving fat. A paint thinner is best.

3) Paint your door

Now it's time to paint! We recommend using brushes and a small paint roller as this will get the job done faster and give a much smoother finish. If you are working on trestles, be sure to let the paint dry completely before turning the door over and painting the other side. Pad the bucks with cloths to avoid scratching the new layer.

We recommend one or two coats. Allow the paint to dry for about eight hours before roughening it up again slightly, wiping it off and applying a second coat.

Once your second coat is dry, simply rehang your doors and reinstall the door hardware. Done!

Are you ready to upgrade your door? Choose from over 200 RAL colors one of our high-quality boat paints, which are ideal for painting doors! Please also note our application notes.

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