How to repaint your bathtub - best result! 🛀🏻

Wie Sie Ihre Badewanne neu lackieren - bestes Ergebnis! 🛀🏻

Refresh your bathrooms by giving your old tub a fresh coat of paint.

The focal point of a bathroom is often the tub, which should be spotless and shiny. If your tub is chipped or scratched - or is an old-fashioned color that no longer suits your style - you can save yourself the hassle and expense of ripping it out and replacing it.

You can refresh the color of your ceramic, porcelain or fiberglass tub and achieve a high-quality result.

You will need:

- a 2-component paint (contains the base paint including hardener)

- Possibly masking tape to mask off the area not to be coated

- paint roller or brush

- descaler (based on citric acid)

- if necessary, a thinner (this can also be used afterwards to clean the device.)

1) Air out the bathroom and thoroughly clean the tub with descaler

Open the windows and run the bathroom exhaust fan before you begin cleaning dirt, soap scum, and mold. First, wash the bathtub thoroughly. Then clean all surfaces with a citric acid-based descaler. After rinsing thoroughly, wipe the entire surface with a solvent such as acetone (paint thinner would also work here) to remove any remaining grease residue.

2) Repair any imperfections along the hull (optional)

Fill in any scratches or gouges with a tub repair kit. Let these spots dry completely and then sand them smooth. Next, sand the entire bathtub with fine sandpaper; this roughens the gloss so that the paint adheres easily.

Rinse the bathtub thoroughly with water and wipe dry with clean towels or rags. Allow the tub to air dry completely as it needs to be free of moisture before painting. The processing and especially the drying of 2-component paint should not take place below 18°C.

3) Mask the surrounding tiles and any remaining furnishings.

Use painter's tape to mask off the tub level tiles and any fixtures around the tub and silicone.

4) Paint the tub in two thin coats, allowing sufficient time for the paint to dry between the two coats.

Start in one corner at the top and work your way down to the other side. Apply a thin, even coat, being careful to smooth out any drips with the roller or brush.

Let the first layer dry for about twelve hours and apply the second layer in the same way as the first.

After about twelve hours you can remove the masking tape and after five days you can use the bathtub again without any problems.

Now you deserve a soak in your newly painted tub!

Are you ready to give your bathroom a new look? Search today for your bathtub paint from Farbenlöwe!

Observe our instructions for use.

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