With these tips, your wooden fence will soon look like new! 🖌️

Mit diesen Tipps sieht ihr Holzzaun bald aus wie neu! 🖌️

Repainting your garden fence has many advantages. It is more resistant to seasonal weather conditions and protects the wood from atmospheric agents such as UV rays and rainwater, which over time turn the wood gray and cause cracks.

In addition, a new layer of paint freshens up the garden and gives you the opportunity to try a different color.

Here are instructions on how to paint your wooden fence correctly and achieve the best result.

You will need:

Some preparation is required first.

1) The weather

Check the weather forecast: a warm, partly cloudy day is best; do not paint when wind or rain is forecast and avoid the months of November to February as it is usually too cold and damp for the paint to set properly. Most paints should not dry below 10°C. The wood moisture should not be more than 15% and the maximum humidity for processing and drying should be 65%

2) The environment

Clear the area around the fence and mow the lawn. Cover nearby plants and shrubs to avoid getting paint on them.

Cut back all vegetation that comes into contact with the railing.

3) Prepare the fence

First, inspect your fence for loose nails/screws and rotted boards. The latter should be replaced before deletion.

Use a wire brush to remove all loose and old peeling layers of paint. This is important as the new color will not blend with the existing one. Scrape moss and lichen and remove weeds.

Then, sand down any rough spots on the fence to keep it splinters free. Thoroughly wash your fence to remove any dust and then allow it to dry completely.

4) The painting

Once your fence is completely dry, you can start painting.

Stir the paint well before use. Spray, roll or brush on a new coat of paint. Don't use too much paint at once and spread it evenly to prevent snags and drips.

Start at the top of the fence and work your way down until each panel is painted.

Just remember that horizontal panels must be painted with horizontal dashes and vertical panels with vertical dashes. This is how the grain comes out best.

Two thin layers are more effective than one thicker one. Allow the first coat to dry for 4-6 hours before starting the second.

If you are happy with the texture and luster of the paint, you are done painting your fence!

You can find the proven wood preservative paint and everything else in the Farbenlöwe shop that will lead you to the best result. Your fence can look like new before long!

Please also note our helpful application instructions.

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