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Mit weißem Metallschutzlack gestrichener Wohnwagen

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If you've ever changed the color of your home, you know what a difference a coat of paint can make. With the right colors, your home can reflect your taste and give it a whole new character.

The same applies to your caravan. Whether you bought a camper van and aren't entirely happy with the color, or you've had it for a few decades and realized that painting is out of fashion, the right color can transform your caravan into one Transform a place you like to call your second home.

Learn here what you need and which tips you should consider to achieve the best result.

You need

  • car paint (contains the base paint incl. hardener)
  • painter's tape
  • fine sandpaper
  • Newspapers/garbage bags/painter's fleece
  • foam rollers and brush (alternatively airless spray gun)
  • a thinner for degreasing or (this can also be used afterwards to clean the device).
  • possibly Polish

Your work area should be dust-free and clean. A garage or carport is ideal so that you can work despite the rain. Alternatively, it is best to set up a gazebo. Otherwise, it is best to follow the weather forecast.

  1. Clean and degrease the substrate, then rinse with water. Then let the surfaces dry.

Important: do not use soapy cleaners or scouring milk. These are made from fatty acids and are therefore not suitable for dissolving fat. A dilution is best.

  1. Roughen the areas you want to paint with fine sandpaper. Then wash off the dust thoroughly with a brush.
  2. Remove vent covers, handles - and any other parts that can be detached.
  1. Next, use painter's tape to mask off the edges of any areas that you don't want painted. For larger areas (e.g. the windows), newspaper or garbage bags are suitable in connection with the adhesive tape. Also remember to use painter's fleece, newspaper or cardboard to protect the floor around the vehicle from paint drips.
  2. After all edges are taped, start painting the outside of the caravan. Smooth foam rollers work best to achieve an even finish. Use a brush for finer painting work. Alternatively, an airless spray gun can also be used.
  3. We recommend two thin coats to get the best result. Let the paint dry out completely beforehand (approx. 12 hours).
  4. As a last step - after complete drying - remove the masking tape and reattach the removed car parts. A polish can give you the best finish.

And your camper will shine like new! Enjoy the next holidays with a caravan that looks like new.

Search for your shade today! We offer you a large selection of high-quality car paints.

Observe our helpful instructions for use.

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